Thursday, January 1, 2015

Anne Orr or Ruby McKim pattern?

A shout out to all my quilt history friends.

Is this an Anne Orr or Ruby McKim pattern?
 I saw it on eBay.

Amazing! No sooner posted to the AQSG discussion list and the answer came through. 

It is Anne Orr's "Star Flower" pattern, according to AQSG member Joanie Howe. 

Click here for a link to one of Anne Orr's quilting booklets.

Click here for an interview of Merikay Waldvogel, an Honoree of The Quilters Hall of Fame, known for her research on Anne Orr

This 2nd link is to a paper Merikay sumbitted to AQSG about Anne Orr. Unfortuantely, there are no photos included in the Internet version.

Meanwhile, here is an example of this quilt at The Quilt Complex, a business run by my dear 

friend Julie Silber, also an AQSG member.


My first mentor in quilting - my MIL, Wini Alexander on left.

Updated Jan 1, 2015

Some great Quilt History blogs and websites. This list doesn't begin to dent the great quilt history "stuff" now available via the Internet.

1) Antique Quilt Dating (Kim Wulfert)

            To see a list of Brackman's books, click here.

            To see her Civil War Quilts blog, click here.

3) Eye of the Needle (Sue Wildemuth)

4) Hart Cottage Quilts (Leigh Fellner) - Leigh has done an incredible job on researching the story behind the so-called Underground Railroad quilt code myth.

5) History of Quilts and Quilt Myths

6) The Quilters Hall of Fame

Signature Quilt made as fund raiser for TQHF in 2006, the year Virginia Avery was inducted into the Hall of Fame.   Owner - Karen Alexander

7) Quilter’s Muse (Patricia Cummings)

(8) Quilt History-Layer by Layer (Sue Reich)

(9) Womenfolk: The Art of Quilting - Judy Anne Breneman

(10) Why Quilts Matter - Shelly Zegart

Deletable Mountains - won at AQSG Auction

(11) Quilt Kit Indentification - Rose Marie Werner (a fee is required but you can then downlaod anything you want to research)

12) Collector with a Needle - Dawn Miller

13) Excellent article on Tim's blog about imported quilts

14) Taryn of Reproduction and Antique Quilt Lover always has something interesting up her sleeve.

15) African American Quilters and Cloth Artists -  Kyra Hicks has written several books about African American quilters and contributed to other books in the field as well. She is also a wonderful quilt artist in her ownn right.

16) Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, artist, writer and curator of African American quilts. Click here to see her interview Quilting Collective History.

Several of the links above also list many other great blogs and websites down the right side of their page. Check them all out and you will have no time to cook or clean. Not a bad trade-off, right!

Quilt History Online Discussion Groups

1)    check out Quilts-Vintage & Antique and Doll & Crib Quilts-Vintage & Antique on Facebook

2)    Quilt History List

3)    H-Net Discussions - have fun exploring this site!

And we quilt historians do have fun!!!

Minneapolis - 2009 AQSG Auction Assistants 
with our chief auction guru in the center wearing no horns, Julie Sliber.

Quilt/Textile Collections


2-c) Quilt Index  -  
             Signature Quilt Project - 

The Quilt Index is an online research and reference tool designed to provide unprecedented access to contextual information and images of over 30,000 quilts held in private and public collections. The Quilt Index was conceived and developed by The Alliance for American Quilts in partnership with Michigan State University's MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts and Letters Online and the Michigan State University Museum. The Index was supported in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

3) The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress 

The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress was created by Congress in 1976 "to preserve and present American Folklife." The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, which presents the online project Quilts and Quiltmaking in America, 1978 - 1996, has been a valuable consultant throughout the development of the Quilt Index (a subgroup of The Alliance for American Quilts above).  All Q-SOS Interviews are housed here.

5) Center for Great Lakes Quilts Michigan State University Museum 

6) International Quilt Study Center and Museum - (Lincoln, NE) for a quilt history timeline, podcasts, quilt of the month online, exhibitions. For their blog, click here.

8) Winedale Center for the Quilt University of Texas 

Washington Quilt Study Group members discuss an 1840s-1850s quilt.

Quilt Study Groups 

(each of these links will lead you to more)

1) American Quilt Study Group  - the oldest quilt history research organization. AQSG offers seminars, publications, and online discussions.


Pacific Northwest Regional Quilt Collections

 LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum  703 S. 2nd Street, La Conner, WA 

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