Friday, August 7, 2015

Marie Webster's Influence?

Love Comparing Quilt Patterns

I stumbled across this quilt yesterday on eBay and immediately thought…"Is this a Marie Webster pattern I have never seen before?"

The quilter seems to have taken one element from Marie's May Tulips….the "skyscraper-like spikes" in the border….

(page 32 from Rosalind Webster Perry's book "A Joy Forever", 
granddaughter of Marie Webster.)

(A shrunken version of May Tulips  from my collection.)

….and the flower in the eBay quilt (see below) reminds me a bit of Marie's Cluster or Roses….

See Marie's Cluster of Roses block (below)….

So did someone just make up their own quilt pattern from two elements of some of Marie Webster's patterns?  Or does this quilt simply represent a published pattern I have never seen before? If you know the source of the eBay quilt pattern, please let me know. Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you!

KarenQuilt @ Quilt History Reports