Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reading List for Doll & Crib Quilts

Here is the list I promised those who attended the WWQSG Doll Quilt program March 29.


1) "A Child's Comfort: Baby & Doll Quilts in American Folk Art," Johnson, Bruce (1977) Harcourt Brace & Janovitch
2) "American Doll Quilts," Tracy, Kathleen (2004) Martingale & Co.
3) "Amish Crib Quilts Fr the Midwest: The Sara Miller Collection," Smucker, Janneken, Patricia Cox Crews & Linda Welters (2003)Good Books, PA

4) "Amish Crib Quilts," Pellman, Rachel and Kenneth (1985) Good Books, PA
5) "At Grandma's Knee," Vibert, Joan & Joyce Whittier (1985) Evening Star Farm/Leawood, KS
6) "Childhood Treasures: Doll Quilts By and For Children," Waldvogel, Merikay (2008) Good Books/PA

7) "Classic Crib Quilts & How to Make Them," Woodard & Greenstein (1993) Dover
8) "Crib Quilts & Other Small Wonders," Woodard & Greenstein (1981) E.P. Dutton, NY
9) "For Purpose and Pleasure: Quilting Together in 19th Century America," Fox, Sandi (1995) Rutledge

10) "Memories of Childhood: The Great Am Quilt Festival," Atkins, Jacqueline M., Museum Editor (1989) Museum of American Folk Art
11) "Childhood Dreams: A Book of Crib Q Projects," Gallagher, Susan Bennett (1989) Sterling Pub., Co. NY
12) "Small Endearments: 19th Century Quilts for Children," Fox, Sandi (1985) Scribner's
(13) "Great Little Quilts: 45 Antique Crib abd Doll-size Quilts with Patterns and Directions," Levie, Eleanor (1990)Harry N. Abrams, Inc. NY


1) "The Crib-Size Quilt" by Peto, Florence, Woman's Day magazine, Dec 1951, pg. 72-75 & 125-127
2) "Embroidered Summer Spreads" by Pinka, Sharon, “Blanket Statements”/AQSG/ Winter 08-09/Issue #94, pg. 1, 3-5
3) "Pint-Size Patchwork" by Ghormley, Mary, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, 6/1/2004, pg 30-33
4) "Juvenile Kit Quilts" by Zimmerman, Darlene, McCall's Quilting/Vintage Quilts, Spring 2001, pg. 5-51
5) The Psychology of Collecting Crib Quilts by Wheeler, Beth, Patchwork Quilts magazine, Dec/Jan 96-97, pg. 16-20
6) "The Story Book Quilts of Marion Cheever Whiteside Newton" by Patterson, Naida T., Piecework mag, Sept/Oct'97 pg. 38-43
7) "Marion Cheever Whiteside Newton: Designer of Story Book Quilts, 1940-1965" by Patterson, Naida Treadway, Uncoverings 1995/AQSG
8) "This Old Quilt" by Roy, Gerald E., Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, Sept/Oct 2006, pg. 12,14,16
9) "Small and Smaller" by Gunter, Judith and Phyllis Twigg Hatcheer, Quilters Newsletter, Oct 2007, pg. 50-54

Sunbonnet Sue as seen on eBay early April 2009

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