Saturday, August 22, 2009

Printed Textiles 1740-1890

Studying the fabrics in early cotton clothing is a great way to see what was available for quilting during any given time periods.

Click on the following link Identifying Printed Textiles in Dress 1740-1890. Then click on RESOURCES in the bar at the top of the page that opens. You will be presented with three free booklets to download as pdf files. In addition to the one on Printed Textiles in Dress, there is one on lace and another on woven textiles.

What better way to become familiar with what was available for quilt-making than by studying old sample books and antique clothing costumes from earlier eras. (Click on any photo in my blog to see a larger version.)

Below we are visiting the Museum of Printed Textiles (Musee de L'Impression sur Etoffes) in Mulhouse, France in September 2006 while on one of Deb Robert's fabulous Textile Study Tours.

To read about the birth of European textile design, click here. I highly recommend Deb's tours if you want to study textiles. She has another one to the U.K.coming up next June.

Click here for a new blog site for tracking textile exhibits in the U.K.

Enjoy exploring!

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