Monday, August 9, 2010


YIPPEE! The Quilt Index received a $100,000 grant!!!! I just got the news via a newsfeed tonight. Read the news here.

What this first release really doesn't emphasize is that this grant is to support steps towards internationalizing the Index so that content and use goes well beyond the national emphasis it now has. It is a really important new step.

This second link gives you a bit more of that very important aspect of the story.

As many of you know, The Quilt Index is a division of The Alliance for American Quilts. You can donate to The Alliance or join The Alliance. Either way, you help support The Quilt Index. They have a special membership drive going on right now. Check it out.

I have been working with the Quilt Index for three years as a member of the Signature Quilt Pilot Project Team.

Every project of this type takes on-going fund raising!

Hopefully this grant will inspire all quilt-lovers to send in some matching funds! You can make a donation here.

There is so much work yet to do within capturing community history through quilts.

And speaking of Signature Quilts, I just added another one to my collection today. It happens to be from Ohio, the state in which I grew up. I am told it was made for a member of an Ohio Luthern congregation when she left Ohio to move to Wisconsin about 1920. Hopefully I'll know by tomorrow where in Ohio the quilt was made.

Keep those needles flying so that future historians will have plenty to study!


PS: Do you have a family signature quilt or an old signature quilt you found in an antique shop? Share one of your signature quilt treasures with us in the comments field!

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