Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sisters Chapter II

This was my FIRST year and what an  experience it was! It was not only SOQS's 35th anniversary year, but Jean Wells Keenan, its founder, was inducted into The Quilters Hall of Fame one week later! (More on that story in another post.)

Jean is an amazing woman. This many of you already know! My first article about Jean Wells Keenan was posted on the TQHF blog in January. I am writing more about Jean and the Sisters event in a second article for the Quilters Hall of Fame blog to be posted soon.

Here Jean introduces quilt makers at the picnic.

As Past President of The Quilters Hall of Fame (but now living within a day's drive of Sisters), I had the great privilege of being asked by the Sister's Executive Director Anne Richardson to say a few words about The Quilters Hall of Fame and Jean's impending induction.

This "salute" took place at the annual Friday night picnic and was planned as a surprise to Jean. Only Jean's good friend Alex Anderson, who was to conduct the program that night along with Ricky Tims, was brought in on the secret ahead of time.

One of Jean's great attributes is how faithful she is in crediting the many volunteers that make the Sisters' event possible and how generously she promotes other worthy causes in the quilt world.

Launch of the Oregon Quilt Project

This year Jean invited the Oregon Quilt Project to offically launch its efforts during the 35th anniversary event in Sisters.

This was a great boost for Oregon quilters because it assured the project of getting wide coverage from the get-go. 

But more about the Oregon Quilt Project in another post. Right now I want to tell you about an amazing woman I met while in Sisters.

Meeting other quilters and quilt lovers is perhaps one of the greatest pleasures being a quilter can bring.

In my next post about my Sisters visit, I'll tell you the story of Barbara Bergreen and the annual trek of the females in her family to Sisters. Or better yet, I'll let Barbara tell the story in her own words!

Stay tuned!

Karen in the Islands.

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