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What is an Ulster-inspired Quilt

My Most Intriguing 
Red and White Quilt


Purchased on eBay in Nov 2007. Came from an estate in central Illinois. 

The design of this crib quilt reminds me of some Ulster quilts I have seen photos of.  I'll add a little more to this post when I get back from my guild meeting.

July 2011 Update:  Here is a quilt very similar to my quit above in The Quilt Index.

Bowman, Grandmother. Applique Hearts. 7-30-1988. From State Historical Society of Iowa, IQRP . Published in The Quilt Index, Accessed: 07/16/2011

Wanting to give this post its own search title and also wanting to continue the Red and White theme, I've moved the 2nd half of the last post into this spot.

March 2011 Update:

Okay, now to add some more information that may or may not relate to the above crib quilt in my collection.

A research paper by Valerie Wilson, "Quiltmaking in Counties Antrim and Down: Some Preliminary Findings from the Ulster Quilt Survey", appears in the 1991 Uncoverings, the journal of the American Quilt Study Group.  According to the article, at the time of the paper's publishing, Wilson was a Textile Assistant for the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.  You can find a few quilts on their website but nothing like the quilts mentioned in Wilson's research paper. Too bad.

However, I have added two photos from the article below  PLUS photos of more quilts that I have found on eBay and other places that for one reason or another made me think of my crib quilt.

~ ~ ~

Now for additional photos I have found and saved for study purposes.

eBay dealer gbest had the above quilt in 2007. It reminds me of the Ulster quilt above it shown in black & white.

~ ~ ~

Found in state of Vermont (above) - source....AQSG member Sharon Waddell

~ ~ ~

above - seen at Case Auction Lot 58_2008

~ ~ ~

Size: 84 inches x75 inches
2011 eBay item: 390175677617        
Item location: Lancaster, PA


~ ~ ~

Offered eBay dealer Mark French in 2011.

~ ~ ~

Dealer Cindy Rennels had this quilt in 2010.

Also from quilt dealer Cindy Rennels but in 2011.

~ ~ ~

eBay find

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

above-source - eBay Jan 2010

~ ~ ~

Above is a quilt Julie Silber and Jean Demeter of The Quilt Complex 
had for sale a couple of years ago. Check out more of their fabulous quilts here!

~ ~ ~

Source "In Praise of Quilts" weekend at the 
Genesee Country Village Museum
by Lorie Stubbs

~ ~ ~

Source for the above - this is just one block from the quilt. I found the quilt on 
Betsy Talford's Rocky Mountain Quilts website in January 2010.

I have no conclusions. Just lots of questions!  

Please feel free to to contact me if you have photos of quilts resembling any of the above or know anything more about on-going research on Ulster quilts!

KarenQuilt in the Islands

PS: Update June 2011

This quilt was labeled "Hawaiian" by the eBay seller in June 2011.

PS2: 2015 December  

I have found another even better candidate for an Ulster inspired quilter, albeit, only a top.  Click here to see it.

The above blue quilt was brought home from Hawaii by a friend of the seller's father following WWII.

Read more about Hawaiian quilts by visiting the Bishop Museum Ethnology Collection clicking here.

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