Monday, October 17, 2011

Antique Buttons

For the button lovers among my readers!

I had never seen anything like this before so I figured it was something that I needed to share, even though I don't collect buttons myself.

Seen in an antique shop just south of Seattle (and photographed with permission) on my way to the Pacific West Quilt Show August 25, 2011.

Have any of you button collectors seen something like this before?

This little gem is about as unique as the Signature china plate I found two years ago that reminded me of a Signature Quilt.  You can read that post by clicking here.

May we never grow weary of collecting! And may our children survive our passing when confronted with the consequences of our passion!!



PS: There was an excellent article about buttons that ran in PieceWork's July/August 2011 issue 


  1. How charming! What a great way to display a button collection.

  2. No never saw anything like it. I have seen stitched samplers with antique button embellishments on them. The face/head reminds me of the pin cushion dolls from the past.

  3. So happy I added your blog to my Favorites list. I knew it would be so interesting...
    You have a Button Collage. Not sure about the date it was made but they were popular during the 1940's. Suggested designs could often be found in women's magazines. Yours features an exceptional collection of china buttons - (china stencils were sold up to the 1930's and could be from the US, France or England.
    I could go on but needless to say, you have found a wonderful piece. Enjoy!!!

  4. Taylor, feel free to post more info! I love to learn. I did not buy the piece. For all I know it may still be there!

  5. Thanks Karen
    Now I need to start collecting buttons?!!
    it is beautiful

  6. It was soooo hard NOT to buy it!! But I just can't collect everything that attracts my attention! For all I know, it is still there! I could always provide an interested button collector with the contact info!

  7. Great button art! I have been saving all the buttons (mostly just regular ones) from all the thrift store shirts I've been cutting up for quilting fabric......I may just have to do a little buttony-picture to appease me hubby when he keeps asking, "What are you going to do with all those buttons?" LOL

  8. There is a darling doll called Mr. Pearly White" at the Doll Museum in Bellevue, WA (Rosalie Wyal?) He is a soft bodied doll covered in white buttons!