Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art and Children

I just cannot not resist. My daughter sent this photo to me today. No, it's not my grandkids. My daughter found it on the Internet somewhere. But boy can I relate!!

 I just had to share it, even though it is not quilt related.

Someone needs to teach them how to thread a needle, then hand them scraps of fabric and a spool of thread. The curtains would probably turn out fabulous and any potential mess would be a lot easier to clean up!!

But this story does remind me of something my grandsons DID do two summers ago. It was the first time we allowed them to walk the 2-miles to the village and back by my themselves. They had finally talked us into it, so we had them buy some vegetables to give us a reasonable belief that they would be back by a certain time.

On the way home, they discovered globs of black gooey sticky stuff along the road and, of course, thinking it surely must be some kind of play dough, they experimented!

Good thing grandma has some turpentine on hand.

Let's hear it for curious kids!

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  1. Very funny! I agree with you.. Someone needed to hand those kids needle and thread and bunch of scraps...