Sunday, May 20, 2012

More African American Scrappy Quilts

Here is the second series of quilt photos I have saved from my eBay browsing over the past 3 years. All are said to have been made by African Americans in Texas.  In most instances I have given the quilt a name myself because the seller didn't given it a specific title.  Being that my husband is a jazz lover and musician, I tend towards jazz related descriptions.

Visit the first post about African American Texas scrappy quilts by clicking here.

Here Gary is a guest player with the Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers) at Lopez Community Center

(Click on any photo to enlarge.)

A few African American Quilts from Texas

 Sampling the Blues - 75x80
eBay April 2009

Tumbleweed Fusion - 69x80 
eBay April 2009

Red Prism Boogie  - 90 x 74

Emeralds Among the Rubies
 Cot Quilt - 38x34

Crazy for Hot Pink -72x72

Crazy Quilt Blues -74x64

Blowing Changes - 80x60 
(Love what the red ties do to this quilt.)

Jelly Bean Interlude - 92x92 
(top only)

Twangy Green Turtle - 86x76
Polyester Nine Patch 

Box Car Nines - 82x68

Broken Time - 76x70

Spider Web Blues - 88x72

Spool Cabinet Bebop  -  74x62

Chromatic Harmony - 86x80

Cross-Rhythm Crazy - 80x68

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