Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quilts Bring Sunshine into My Life

I now have all my crib and doll quilts moved into my new quilt research studio. Oh, it has been so much fun going thru them all as I move them.

The first of my McKim Three Little Pigs crib quilts.

"Sunbonnet Lassies" based on a Marie Webster pattern.

Only time I have ever seen the Duckling quilt (top left).

The pattern for the Duckling quilt first appeared in Farmer’s Wife 1934.
Wonder if it was made into a Kit quilt later? 

Patriotic Overall Bill peeking thru in the pile.

Have never seen this Dancing Couple pattern before.

Sort, sort and re-sort. So much fun!

I have to wear an industrial strength mask now as I work with the quilts due to my allergies. Gary says I look like I am from outer space. Don't like the imprint it leaves on my face but it sure beats stirring up my sinuses. Guess I'll have to get Gary to take a photo.

You can see a Ruby McKim Big Bad Wolf & Three Little Pigs crib quilt in that first photo. I have recently acquired another and will show it in the next blog post.

I am so very blessed to be doing what I love -- researching, writing and lecturing about quilt history! 


  1. Can you say, "officially jealous"? So happy for you and your new studio. It's nice to see so many great quilts in such good hands.

    1. Thanks, Beth. Come visit the island sometime. I'd love to share my quilts with you in person! Is the Benberry Collection now completely catalogued? I treasure the experience I had helping for those four days in 2010 at the museum. It was such fun. Hog heaven, as Cuesta would have said.

  2. wow! I could spend days admiring all those crib quilts!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tim. How lucky we all are to have blogs where we can share our quilting passion and collections!

  3. It would be so much fun to dive into your collection and look to my hearts content. My sympathy about the allergies. I'm allergic to dust so my whole life is one huge allergic hassle.

  4. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by and posting. Yep, there is nothing like loving old textiles, old paper and books AND having an allergy to dust! And then throw in the mold here in the forests of the PNW!! Yikes! How long have you been interested in quilts?