Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ruby McKim's Big Bad Wolf - Update

As I continue to browse the Internet and as the word gets out about my efforts to show as many examples of this particular Ruby McKim pattern as possible, leads keep coming in.

Here are the latest discoveries.  I have also added them to my original post on this pattern so that you can scroll down thru them all at once time without having to go back and forth between blog pages. Click here to see the original post.

Another version of Ruby McKim's Three Little Pigs / Big Bad Wolf quilt. The quilt above is being shared with permission from the blog Garden of Daisies. Please click here to see this quilt on her blog. Also check out her quilts, paper dolls and vintage linens.

Below are two photos of this same Three Little Pigs pattern in the collection of the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts.   Their quilt is a bit different from the others I have shared with you.  The top is “wholecloth” cotton muslin with cotton print circles appliqued on.  The back is silk and there is a thin blanket or flannel for filler.  There  is no quilting but the applique stitches of the circles go through to the backing.  There is an embroidered inscription on the back: Christmas, 1935 

Used with permission from the New England Quilt Museum

The maker was Florence Elizabeth Heisler Tate of Mechanicsberg, PA, the 62 year old wife of an Episcopal minister.  Florence Heisler made this crib quilt for her granddaughter and the granddaughter eventually donated it to NEQM.

This delightful version of McKim’s the Three Pigs/Big Bad Wolf crib quilt will be on display in NEQM’s next exhibit called "Great Quilts, Great Stories", which runs from Oct.18 through Dec. 29, 2012. Thank you to Laura Lane, the acting curator of NEQM, for bringing this quilt to my attention and for granting permission to share the photos with you.

November 2012 Update

Another McKim Big Bad Wolf has just shown up on eBay.

Click here to see the post I wrote for The Quilters Hall of Fame about 
Ruby Short McKim. Ruby is one of their Inductees.

Do you like quilt history? Is there a particular type of quilt you would like to hear more about? I always enjoy hearing from readers!


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  1. Karen, once again, I appreciate that you have posted my quilt here. But your description of it is incorrect. Please see the e-mail I sent you, or my comment on the original post. Thank you advance for fixing the error.