Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby Quilt - Three Generations

A Baby Quilt finally Gets Finished!

I found a darling machine "woven" baby blanket in a Goodwill Store in Pasadena, California when I was  expecting my 3rd child.

When my youngest was expecting her first child almsot three years ago, I dug this project out from my UFO pile and decided to finish it. I call this a 3-generational baby blanket but the first generation was not in our family. If someone ever opens up this blanket in the future, they will discover the original tag inside that I left on the blanket.

I have decided I will layer it and embroider around the woven images but also add a few words in an arch arcoss the top.

The layering and embroidery begins.

And finally, we added a baby!


  1. Is the original quilt wool? I was given a similar one this summer and was told it came from England at the turn of the century.
    That sure is one cute baby!!

    1. I have always assumed it was cotton because it seems so impractical to me to have a baby blanket that is wool. Wool usually takes more careful cleaning. But I never tested it to see which it was, cotton or wool.