Sunday, May 3, 2009

Virginia Avery's Art Clothing

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims started filming a series of interviews for TQS of those whom they select as Quilt Legends. Their first two choices (Jinny Avery and Jinny Beyer) also happen to be Honorees of TQHF.

Ricky and Alex go right into the homes of both Jinny Avery and Jinny Beyer and film them on the spot. You will enjoy seeing these two Honorees in their own environment.

Below are a couple of photos of Jinny Avery at her TQHF Induction exhibit walk-thru in July 2006 in Marion, IN.

Photo by Amanda Little

Jinny Avery inspects Come to the Cabaret.

Right: Bog Coat Goes to a Party

Honoree Bets Ramsey is to the right in blue in the crowd below. Bets just received the Governor's Distinguished Artist Award from the State of Tennessee. See that story here on the hall of fame blog. You'll have to scroll down to see it or select it from the drop down menu under the April post on the TQHF blog.

(page from "Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts", Feb 1997, article by Jinny Avery)

But back to the TQS Quilt Legends video series.

The Avery interview is included when you purchase Series One from The Quilt Show and the Jinny Beyer interview is included when you purchase Series Three.

These interviews can be viewed by joining TQS or can be purchased as a series by going to the TQS Shoppe website page.

Another wonderful source of video interviews of both Jinny Avery and Jinny Beyer are the interviews conducted by The Alliance for American Quilts Quilt Treasures project. When this page opens, look in the right-hand corner and click on the pull down Portraits menu and select the person whose interview you would like to watch.

Seven other Honorees are also featured in The Alliance for American Quilts Quilt Quilt Treasures: Cuesta Benberry; Joyce Gross; Jean Ray Laury;Bonnie Leman; Yvonne Porcella; Bets Ramsey and Mary Schafer. Do watch all of them! It's great quilt history!

Quilt Treasures is just one of many wonderful projects of The Alliance for American Quilts. Click on any of the links on the left side of their web pages to explore more information about their various projects.

New Series of TQHF Honoree Articles on TQS!

In January The Quilt Show (Alex Anderson/Ricky Tims-TQS) invited The Quilters Hall of Fame to do a series of articles about the Honorees of TQHF and I volunteered to take on the series. They call it their Quilt Pioneers Series. You can always find a link to the series on my blog.

(If you click on the photos, they will open to a larger format.)

Click here to go to TQS, then look in the right hand corner of the page that opens for the box that says "select a category". Click on that. A menu will open and give you a list. Select "Quilting Pioneers" from the menu to see all the articles about the Honorees.

To date I have written about Florence Peto (Jan), Ruth Finley (Feb) and Dr. William R. Dunton (March).

I am very grateful for this opportunity to share the stories of the early pioneers of quilt history with a broader public and hope you will visit the TQS website to check them out.

Until next time, keep thos needles flying!

Karen on the Rock

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