Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Patchwork Man

Remember my telling you about Patchwork Man in my first Red & Green post, December 12th?  I just found another photo of him!

Here is the 1994 photo I showed you in December.  Patchwork Man was made by our youngest daughter as one of her art projects her senior year of highschool in 1990. I took him with us through three moves within Virginia after she left for college.

Poor thing, he had only one arm by design. Here he sits in an old family rocker which itself sits on an old cheese barrel from The Valley wrapped in red fabric.

I had more fun belting him in the passenger seat of my van and driving him to his new home each time we moved within the D.C. area, always draped in the loving arms of my handmade dolls.  Alas, he had to be left behind when we moved from Virginia.  I hope someone is enjoying him today!

I knew this photo below had to be somewhere! I just found it today as I searched for photos of one of the family's Shenandoah Valley quilts that is going to hang in a crazy quilt exhibit at LaConner Quilt Museum here in Washington for the next three months.

Isn't it great fun to find "lost" photos and beloved family items!  Of course, they are never really lost. They're just temporarily hiding from us.  (They do have a life of their own to live after all. They can't be on-call all the time.)

Patchwork Man did so enjoy these rides as we moved from one home to another!!  It was the only time he got to have females draped all over him.

May your New Year be full of creativity and thoughtful giving and sharing!


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