Monday, January 16, 2012

Dabbling and Exploring

I enjoy dabbling, experimenting. Whatever you want to call it. Before I got into quilting in 1980, I was experimenting, like so many others at that time,  with needlepoint, blackwork, cross-stitch, etc.

More recently I have tried scanned art and painting on fabric, which I now want to also embellish.

Experimenting with light.

Dandelion flowers and seeds.

Dandelion seed puff with its own leaves and an leaflets from an unknown bush.

I'm still cogitating on these two small painted squares.

Barbara Brackman had a post recently about Penguin Threads' latest releases.  The cover designs were done by Jillian Tamaki.  You can order from Amazon here.

I was so taken with the designs of the books covers that I had to go explore the artist's website and blog.  Click here to see her working on the book covers. Do take the time to explore her blog. I especially enjoyed her Frequently Asked Questions as well as her artwork itself.

Do you have your own blog? Or do you document your work/life somehow in a notebook or scrapbook or journal? Share your stories with us!

Karen in the Islands


  1. I love the painted and scanned images
    what fun to explore new areas!

  2. Your painted squares made me immediately think of poppies! Hmmmmm! And I'm headed over now to see Jillian's site. Her work on those covers is lovely. Thanks for the link!

    It's funny you should ask about blogs or journals. Since I started my blog, I've gone back dozens of times to find when something happened (cuz I have NO memory anymore), and to find pics, as well......they are right here handy.....who knows where the heck I've put them in the house! lol Thank goodness I started a blog, or I'd have nothing readily to show for the past year! :o)

  3. LOL! I loved what you had to say about having to go back to your blog to recall when something had happened! Ah, the ole gray cells definitely aren't what they used to be. Why can't we go in for new spark plugs like our cars? My computer is my memory keeper. As long as I label something correctly, I have a hope of finding it again using FINDER. Cheers! Karen

  4. Dabbling and experimenting... yeah, that's fun! And the results often do call for embellishing... which is also fun. So there we have it.. quilting is fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving your comments. What?Cairns are illegal to erect on public land? Who knew?