Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tile Crib Quilt

The last quilt in my exhibit was a Tile Quilt — 
signed "Donald 1944"  (50x33)

I'll have to take clearer photo when I get back. This is what I grabbed off eBay when I bought it.

This delightful find has the date 1944 embroidered on it plus the name Donald.

I first enountered a Tile Quilt at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in an antique quilt dealers booth. It caught my eye as I was cruising by and it was such an odd-duck I put on my brakes and took a photo.

I looked and looked at this quilt for the longest time until I finally realized....all those little pieces are just "left-over scraps" randomly placed in the maker's own "made-up" pattern. In some instance she was almost able to make it look like a snowflake-type pattern!

My 1944 Tile crib quilt really has no pattern to it but it was born of the same idea....left-over scraps randomly placed on a background fabric, no scrap too small or too oddly shaped to NOT use! AQSG friends Bobbi Finley and Carol Gilham published a book under C&T's banner in 2010 about this unusual pattern style — "The Tile Quilt Revival".

Here are a couple of links to my previous posts about Tile quilts. (Click on 2nd link here) .

Until next time, keep those needles flying! We don't want to run out of quilts to research and document!



  1. Oh I love these. These are the best kind of quilts....made of scraps. I love the bottom one and yes, it does remind me of snowflakes.

  2. The tile quilt is unusual. A good find and it has a date too.

  3. Thanks for the tile quilt photos. How nice to own a dated one.
    The TIle Quilt Revival is a great book - I've enjoyed my copy.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your posts, always so interesting!