Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Own Dance of Spring

photo by Karen B. Alexander

My Favorite Things As Seen 
From My Window

Sitting in my reading chair,
gazing out the window at
the ever changing sky,
mesmerized at ANY season of the year
on this small island anchored in the 
Pacific Northwest,
nestled between Harlo Straight and Rosario Straight,
just north of the Strait of Juan deFuca.  

Spring's bright blues with
mountainous piles of racing clouds
follow on the heels of a wet gray-blue winter.
Who do the clouds chase?
Who do they seek as they go
racing across the sky...

Sitting in my reading chair,
book in hand,
awed by the power and
ability of mere words to
transport me to other kingdoms,
other worlds,
other minds,
other ways of seeing;
and once again
gasping with awe at
the incredible diversity
of human thought and being.

Sitting in my reading chair,
I open the window,
lured by the multi-voiced
chorus of nature.
First the winds come and whisper
- at times even thunder -
their wisdom to me.

race across the deck with their
scoldings and warnings.
Soon birds gather:
blue, red, gold, orange;
brown, white,
speckled, tan, black.
Hopping, strutting, flitting,
chirping, calling, cawing;
Preening, watching, swooping.

the insects and peepers
begin their serenade as
as winter's chill is
by spring's boundless dance
with the lengthening

Soon the ensuing heat of
spring's passionate wooing
throughout the woods
outside my
beckoning, beckoning...

It's time to leave
my beloved reading chair
and the confines
of my beloved civilization
and head for the
meadows and woods to
hop, skip, and strut;
chirp, caw, and call,
preen, swoop  and
my own
ever renewing
dance of life and spring.

Karen Alexander
Lopez Island, WA


  1. Karen.....that was beautiful!

  2. Karen you brought me there on a mental journey and touched my heart

  3. Your poem reminds me of my mother and how she expresses herself with words. nice...

  4. Dear old friend....I was there with you...that is the testament to good writing. Thank about some more? Love, Patty Sue