Monday, April 27, 2015

Marion Cheever Whiteside Newton Football Quilt

A New Research Avenue to Pursue

Here is another quilt in my collection which I am now beginning to research. I am hoping that it may be a block from Marion Cheever White Newton's football quilt but until I see a full photo of that quilt or the pattern, I don't know in fact if this is a block fron a MCWN pattern. 

There is a photograph of Marion's football quilt on page 87 of the published papers of the 1995 Uncoverings by the American Quilt Study Group but the quilt is bunched up in Marion's lap and I cannot see all the blocks clearly.

Has anyone ever seen a clear straight on frontal photo 

of Cheever's Football Quilt? 

Above is a blow-up of the quilt on Marion's lap in the photo from the 1995 Uncoverings published by AQSG.

Here is another photo from this same source 
blown-up a bit as well.

Here is a link to the article:

Here is a link as to how to order a copy of the 1995 Uncoverings, 

if you are interested:

I was so hoping a photo would show up in Rose Lea Alboum's compilation of Marion Cheever Whiteside Newton's Story Book Quilts. Unfortunately, there is no photo of the Football Quilt though it is listed as among those that Marion designed.  However, if you like Cheever's quilt designs, you will thoroughly enjoy having a copy of Alboum's spiral bound research.

However, there is a copy of a newspaper article in the Alboum book.

I have never seen a really clear photo of this particular Cheever design but the quilt I found reminded me so much of Cheever's designs, I bought it anyway …. in hopes that it is a Cheever Whiteside Newton design. 

I personally have never seen a quilt in person that has an appliqued football player stitched on it. If any of you reading this have seen this football pattern before or any others that pre-date 1960, please leave me a comment below.


PS: Here is a link to another article about Marion Cheever White Newton in a 1947 magazine. Just click here.