Sunday, June 7, 2015

Comparing Mt.Mist Patterns to Marie Webster Patterns

I follow eBay a lot. Some sellers really make an effort to properly identify the name of the quilt's pattern. Some don't.  It really is a challenge identifying quilt patterns if you dont' study quilts or don't have a good research library or don't know where to find the comparisons on the Internet.

In my experience, the most commonly mis-identified patterns are those "called" Marie Webster when they are actually Mountian Mist patterns.  Marie Webster's patterns came first in the history of quilt making. Then Mountain Mist came out with their own variations of Marie Webster designs. The two are often confused.  Here are some prime examples.

One of the most commonly mis-labeled patterns is the Sunflower pattern. The 3rd quilt in the composite photo below is the Mountain Mist pattern. On eBay it is often leabled a Marie Webster pattern. It is not the Marie Webster pattern.

Below is Marie Webster's Sunflower quilt pattern.